Marketing Gurus

Most of the progress made by marketing and branding as business disciplines comes from the work of a surprisingly small number of marketing thought leaders, who we term Marketing Gurus. This websit lists about twenty Marketing Gurus and the books and articles they have written.

Top 20 Marketing Gurus List

From the fundamentals of marketing to deep insight on go-to-market strategy and sales planning, our list of Marketing Gurus profiles the work of the leading experts on marketing, branding, business strategy, sales and channel marketing. For each Marketing Guru we give a brief profile of their work and list their books and other original sources. Wherever possible we also give details of any consulting businesses these marketing thought-leaders provide consulting services through, and give contact details.

We have also created links to so you can read more detailed reviews of each book and easily buy any publications you would like to read.

These people are the most influential contributors to the field of marketing, sales and related strategy. Reflecting marketing's importance in business strategy, the list includes many of the greatest management thinkers of any type.

Where possible, we have also linked to each Marketing Guru's own websites and other contact information - in case your business might be interested in consulting with them.

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